The Home

05: The Queens of the Wood

An unbroken line
of Magical Queens
kept watch for the impact
of the Rebel’s timestream.

But when it arrived,
the Queens didn’t see—
Because they’d been replaced
by the wrong family tree.


After the Home’s vessels defeat the Titan and its Adversary mistress (suicidally) flees across time, they establish a dynasty of vigilants to wait for Her corpse to re-materialize.

Thus begins a long tale of check-up visitations, the Queens of the Wood, and the tradition of the The Divine Consort.


Royalty of the Wood
  1. The New Queen
  2. The Stern Queen
  3. The Wrong King
  4. The Boy King (aka, The Puppet King)
Druids of the Wood
  • Finn (the High Druid)
  • The Second Druid / The old Druid
  • The Centurion Commander
  • The Unctuous one
  • The Hum



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