The Home

01: Opening Ceremony

They dragged stones to the hills
while the land was still young
to honor stone gods
and defy the Great Hum.


Vessels of The Home
  • Arlen—speaker for The Vale
  • Aeden—speaker for the far eastern ridge
  • Eira—chieftan from the north, mother of Eiriol
  • A family of Superb Potential
  • A wedding party
  • The dignitaries


Cruz Notes

(As related by the Noted Historian JustinCruz on 27 Mar 2016)

The characters are the Watcher and the Speaker. They appear as agents of the Home at a Festival. We see them on a hilltop overlooking a forest, rocks, and an area of moors. There are Standing Stones on this hilltop. People of various tribes and locations have been dragging stones to this area, particularly for this Festival. The stones provide Potential. What is this energy for? To subvert or stop the Adversary?

Interest in shown in the stone the family from far away brought, and while it seems different; it is discerned that the stone just has more potential.

There was a prior civilization in this area. It was left over from prior adherence to the Adversary. We don’t know what the Adversary’s purpose was, but it made civilizations where there should not be any.

In this area the people have set about clearing the “contamination” and it has a much different feel than it used to. Ultimate goal is to restore world to order and cleanse the contamination.

The Watcher and the Speaker meet with Arlen, the leader/speaker of the people. He has convinced a new tribe to join “us;” they had a different god before. Eira is one of those that is introduced to us. Some of these new people have other gods…it was unknown to us whether they would be considered adversaries or not. To sway them, the Speaker used the Voice of God, telling them that their gods are not God. When I give my speech, the Watcher notices a power or a presence-something with a Will of its own. It reacts when I give my speech. This presence does not feel like the Adversary…unknown if it is related. It is new and subtle, with a hint of the Old Gods.

At that time the Speaker tried to find out if this was unprecedented situation, which led to a memory of another strand. The Speaker gets the sense that this is something more primordial than the Adversary. One strand does provide:

I was invited to stand on a veranda and have a drink. The world was black and white and we look across it now, and it is vivid. A civilization would not have happened if the Old Gods had their way. We are inside of an amazing palace made of extra-dimensional shapes. The woman (our vessel in this vision) has manacles of diamond, with severed chains. She is speaking to a man who could be a god but chooses not to be. He makes a proposal-if accepted, the woman would outlive him. The woman looks out over his dominion, asks him what makes him better than the rest. It takes him back a bit, so he points out-look! We go back millennia until there is a point we cannot see…something stops us from seeing. Everything destroyed by the Old Gods that could have been like us. Men were a fluke. It is good that we destroyed them (meaning the Old Gods) he says. Now the woman looks out into the future as far as possible. Tell me how far you can see, he says to her. It is very “busy” a lot more going forward than backward. (this is the Watcher’s strand seeing this). Then there is a resistance and she is forced back to the veranda. The man looks at the woman with melancholic despondency. What is at the end? He cannot see that far. End of that aside/memory.

Cruz notes continue:

Back to the Valley. Eira believes she has made the right choice…she is relieved. Privately, she speaks with the Speaker and requests that her daughter succeed her as leader of their people. In her tribe, normally people have to fight for leadership. This is taken under advisement for later.

The Stones are then judged. There is a certain area that the Stones are allowed to go. At this judging there are over twice the Stones that normally appear. Some of them are quite bright, others are near useless. The Watcher notices that the “presence” that was felt alters slowly, changing so that he cannot perceive it. The Watcher can perceive Will…and the lack of perceiving the “presence” is troubling. Is this multiple entities…acting as one? This is impossible to know at present. The Watcher continues and is able to overcome its defenses and perceive it again. It pushes back with some form of pressure. It is trying to draw potential from this past. The Watcher receives a memory:

A giraffe-sized wolf opening 3 mouths and spews forth light, and the time of that vessel was over.

Is there an anomaly in this area…no, it is essentially clean and there is no siphoning. There is a spike in the quality of the Stones, particularly the newer ones. The older stones are leaking more just due to the success. This thing may have some Immutable characteristics, but it is not the Home. The Watcher perceived the temperature shift that this thing caused. It drew via temporality, from another point in time. It does not need a mortal avatar to interact with a fixed linear portion of time. There is a load of potential in the stone from the new family.

The Speaker continues the earlier discussion with Eira. The Speaker attempts to assure her that her choice is the correct one. She fears retribution from the god that her people currently worship or serve. (What dwells in the North?) Her people have been migrating South; they are mostly nomadic. This is partially due to limited resources, and they are trying to find more favorable conditions. She broke with the traditions of their tribe and exiled the Shaman. This has caused some difficulty with parts of the tribe. However, she is convinced by the Speaker’s actions and words. They don’t war here unlike her current situation. I create an aspect-Converted to the Cause-in her. I convinced her she has the oratorical skills to equal mine and that she has a shield of faith/fire.
End of Mission.



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